Some DAO frameworks allow DAO creators to create a DAO through a client interface. In these cases, under the hood, there are factory contracts which deploy one or more new smart contracts using the inputs given by the DAO creator, initializing the on-chain governance infrastructure for the new DAO. With a little digging through GitBooks and GitHub repos, we found a few of these:

Aragon, version 0.8

Ethereum address: 0xb9da44c051c6cc9e04b7e0f95e95d69c6a6d8031

Number of DAOs created: 851

DAOhaus, version v2.1

Ethereum address: 0x38064F40B20347d58b326E767791A6f79cdEddCe

Number of DAOs created: 233

DAOstack, version 2019-05-27

Ethereum address: 0x5bcaf9bfd511166a6e0bcfe24b42f5932f43f4b7

Number of DAOs created: 46