Twitter is a common method by which a DAO's leadership or spokesperson communicates with both the DAO's members and contributors and with its broader community of, for example, protocol users. We are interested in understanding how DAOs are using Twitter to communicate about their governance.

We identify governance-related tweets by searching the tokenized text for keywords related to voting ("vote(s)", "voter(s)", "voting"), proposals (propose", "proposal(s)"), decisionmaking ("decide", "decision", "decisionmaking", "decision-making"), and budgeting ("treasury", "budget"), as well as the words "governance" and "forum".

Using the Twitter API via Tweepy, we have collected 45170 tweets, ranging back several years, from the 105 DAOs which have at least 100 available tweets (first-order only: not retweets, not replies). Of these, we have identified 5137 as relating to governance.

Governance-related tweets per DAO, as a percentage of total tweets: Median governance topic frequency per DAOs, as a percentage of governance-related tweets: